Audio Demos from Get Real Production


Audio Demos, from Get Real Production.
Here are some Audio demos……… that may tickle your taste buds………. All recorded in my new studiobricks booth on a TLM 103 Mic with a little processing if you prefer no processing just say at it will be as clean as a whistle.

If you want an audition send me a sample of script an I will get it back to you.

Please let me know any difficult words

If you want more details of what we can do for you please get in touch……….all the audio demos  are  for promotion purposes some processing is used.

If you need a voice of god live announcer for award ceremonies we can supply both live and recorded to suit any  event.

if you would like a demo of you own script  just drop an email to info @  with a few lines to see if we can help. let me know what

  1. processing

If you need a female vo for your production let us know the requirements and we will send you some voice over samples to give you a wide variety of voices so you can make an informed decision but we make it as easy as possible for you.

Audio demos are updated all the time so please check back anytime and if you want to chat regarding a  project then email me at or phone +44 (0)7973 690257






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