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Marketing your with voice over promotion is quite difficult, years ago ad word was a great way of voice over promotion, you got your credit card out signed up and  with a little cash to splash you could be seen and booked.

These days ad words is soooooo  expensive  so what can you do to improve your search results and there fore get more gigs.

Well you could go to a P2P site and there are lots……seems like there are  p2p sites opening up every day, like voice 123 Voices .com or Bodalgo  they are all there to take your money and put you up for jobs and audition with a numerous other voice actors so how do you get your self out there, well, if you have your own studio and you want to maybe earn some cash to pay for isdn, or more equipment then a great site is the have  list of voice overs and studio’s that are available to hire.

It is a great site with details of uk and European  studio and voice over artists that are available and if you do a lot of traveling and you don’t want to carry a mobile rig with you and a job comes in it’s a fantastic site to find a friendly studio you can use, some have isdn or ipdtl or source connect, so the next time your on the road have a look at and you can sign up to it as well for free it will also help you with seo, it is run by the wonderful Guy Harris.

So when you have a minute go on and take a look.

I hope it maybe of use in the future for you.


How much for a voice over?

How much for a Voice Over?

It is a big question and very hard to get to grips with, if you are a seller (Voice) or Buyer (client)……… read on……..

How much for a Voice Over?

First of all if you are a buyer of voice over artist services it can be hard to work out what you need to spend.

If you are a big  corporation with a big budget you can get the right voice  for your project actors like Martin Clunes do masses of TV ads and get what they or the agent asks for regarding fees…….

So  how much for a Voice Over.

If you have a smaller budget, well you could go down the route of using Fivver, and get a male or female voice and as it says on the tin will only cost you a  a crisp 5 dollars……….But hold on how about the quality of the voices studio, he or she may have only just got going in the business, and have just a mic  in to the PC or Mac have they got a decent sounding studio or are they voicing in the kitchen……..with kids and dogs barking…in the background? not really a great idea for your business

Or you could go with a pro voice over that will take time over the script, and has spent good money on getting the sound right, with a professional  mic and very expensive and proofing.

A great place to look and hear professional voice over artists is male and female young and not so young voices, some have ISDN   some not I am on there so you could listen to me if you want

Each artist will have his or her BSF which is kown as the Basic Studio Fee with usage on top mainly for broadcast TV or Radio work.

The other option is what is known as a buy out when you pay pay BSF plus a buyout fee so you can use the audio when ever you want.

I hope it has given you a little guide if you are a buyer of Voice Overs