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What does ISDN mean?
ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. Briefly that means using a high quality line that is used to connect recording, production and radio and TV studios. The sound quality is broadcast standard and so ISDN can be used for radio interviews’ that sound like they are in the studio next to you but could be miles away.
If the ISDN (the acronym stands for Integrated Systems Digital Network).Any situation in which high-quality audio needs to be transferred over long distances in real time, perhaps between studios around the world, or just between a radio reporter and his newsroom, is a candidate for employing an ISDN link-up. A vocalist in a recording studio in the UK can overdub live to a studio in America, or finished album masters can be auditioned and approved at once by record company executives without them having to be present at the mix. Busy producers can supervise sessions remotely whilst still auditioning in full quality, and one band has even managed to complete a ‘nationwide tour’ of radio stations without ever leaving their studio, giving all their interviews and ‘live’ performances over ISDN lines.

If we have to to be dial out in other words we originate the call a small charge is inccured.
If you need a recording of the session our end we can do that for a small charge and send it to you.
The other service we offer which is similar to ISDN is Source Connect, this bit of kit uses high speed broad band in stead of copper wires, so if the other studio has SC we can connect at high bit rates as well.
So whatever your choice ISDN or Source Connect give us a call to arrange a booking or just a chat about your project.

If you want to listen in to the session  you can on an ordinary phone via a phone patch or skype  nice and easy.
We hope to hear from you call 07973 690257 or email

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