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Music on hold is very important and the right voice conveys the right message for your brand or business.

Professional Male and Female Voice Over

The time that your callers spend on hold is time when they are a captive audience. Providing messaging when callers are on hold helps occupy and entertain them to some degree; and most importantly, your business can make the most of that captive customer time.

To leverage this opportunity, you could build rapport by sharing important information and news about your business, help ensure the caller is prepped for their impending call transfer or even promote specific services, products, or events. Announcing promotions and events can help a customer find out about something they may need from you that they haven’t even thought about; thus creating new sales or service opportunities. For example, customers often neglect to check their anti-freeze or replace their windshield wipers when they have their snow tyres put on in the winter.

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