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Here are some details of the studio where I work

The booth is a sound proof  booth from a company called Studio Bricks in Barcelona.

It nice and compact, with sound lovely soundproof foam that keeps the outside world at bay.

with my dual monitor  and super microphone the TLM 103 which goes into a DBX286s  mic pre amp and I can monitor my voice on the DT 100 headphones.

For quickness I can edit  productions in the booth and I can voice to anywhere in the world via ISDN or Source Connect. you can listen and direct me if you require with Skype.

If I have a a lot of editing to do I have an area with monitors and Adobe Audition CS6  to work with and plenty of tea and coffee and water……… also  have a great contacts book for other talented voice over artists both male and female many with their own studio’s with ISDN.

Here is a dry non compressed bit of audio to show you what I mean.

We have a small mixer in the booth for monitoring and a SoundCraft audio mixer for mixing in my control room, in the studio I have the Waves audio plugins which can spice up the audio if you want me to add any compression or effects like a little reverb.

If at anytime you need to hire a studio or you need a project edited we can help, we have had a variety of celebrity actors and presenters here like Kate Adie , Matt Lucas and the lovely Murray Walker.

So if you need us your in good company we did some ads recently for Sky Vegas, with a US voice Over called Norman Chancer who was in the original Star Wars.
The studio is open for business everyday and can be booked by the hour, half day or full day


we can also supply an in house voice or can source other voice artists which may cost a little extra.

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Andy Freeman

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