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Marketing your with voice over promotion is quite difficult, years ago ad word was a great way of voice over promotion, you got your credit card out signed up and  with a little cash to splash you could be seen and booked.

These days ad words is soooooo  expensive  so what can you do to improve your search results and there fore get more gigs.

Well you could go to a P2P site and there are lots……seems like there are  p2p sites opening up every day, like voice 123 Voices .com or Bodalgo  they are all there to take your money and put you up for jobs and audition with a numerous other voice actors so how do you get your self out there, well, if you have your own studio and you want to maybe earn some cash to pay for isdn, or more equipment then a great site is the have  list of voice overs and studio’s that are available to hire.

It is a great site with details of uk and European  studio and voice over artists that are available and if you do a lot of traveling and you don’t want to carry a mobile rig with you and a job comes in it’s a fantastic site to find a friendly studio you can use, some have isdn or ipdtl or source connect, so the next time your on the road have a look at and you can sign up to it as well for free it will also help you with seo, it is run by the wonderful Guy Harris.

So when you have a minute go on and take a look.

I hope it maybe of use in the future for you.


Voice Over Booth




If you are looking for a voice  booth for your  business thought  to Booth or not to booth that is the question.

As you can imagine  there are  lots of options  around  but none are cheap, but it will last you a long time you can see an Esmono booth here they come in a variety of sizes  just bear in mind they are pretty heavy so you what ever booth you buy you will need help to set it up or you could get the company to do it for you.

Another option is Vocal Booth they have UK distribution




ctober 3, 2015


<h2>ISDN or Not to ISDN,that is the question.</h2>

To connect to other studios instantly you need ISDN.

It allows you to hook up with radio stations all over the world and opens up a bigger market for your voice over business.

The trouble is in the UK its very expensive to get set up I have give a list of current charges .

so what do you do?

ISDN or Not to ISDN

at the bottom of the blog, I know the figures are high and don’t forget the cost of the calls as well have to be factored in.

Most radio stations should they book you will dial in to you.

The alternatives are you can use SKYPE but at the moment the sound can be a bit dodgy, the one that a lot of voice over artists are using is Source Connect from <a href=””></a>

which at present is free, the other service IPDTL and can be found at<a href=””></a> they charge a yearly free and is UK based.

I suppose its all down to what you want to do, if you think you can get lots of radio commercials then it mbe the right thing to do to get ISDN which although is considered old tech is still used by the vast majority of radio stations in the UK and abroad also many production houses use it as it is very stable.

You will also need a bit of kit to connect to isdn which can cost upto £2000  called a codec which basically turns your telephone line into a something that will then sound good enough to use, but there are new kids on the block like <a href=””>IPDTL</a> that may finally put an end to expensive ISDN charges, so  I will check out IPDTL and see what people are saying about it and who might be using it.