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Marketing your with voice over promotion is quite difficult, years ago ad word was a great way of voice over promotion, you got your credit card out signed up and  with a little cash to splash you could be seen and booked.

These days ad words is soooooo  expensive  so what can you do to improve your search results and there fore get more gigs.

Well you could go to a P2P site and there are lots……seems like there are  p2p sites opening up every day, like voice 123 Voices .com or Bodalgo  they are all there to take your money and put you up for jobs and audition with a numerous other voice actors so how do you get your self out there, well, if you have your own studio and you want to maybe earn some cash to pay for isdn, or more equipment then a great site is the have  list of voice overs and studio’s that are available to hire.

It is a great site with details of uk and European  studio and voice over artists that are available and if you do a lot of traveling and you don’t want to carry a mobile rig with you and a job comes in it’s a fantastic site to find a friendly studio you can use, some have isdn or ipdtl or source connect, so the next time your on the road have a look at and you can sign up to it as well for free it will also help you with seo, it is run by the wonderful Guy Harris.

So when you have a minute go on and take a look.

I hope it maybe of use in the future for you.


voice over is easy money right?

 Voice Over is easy money right?

the information on the  web is pretty overwelming if you want to try and get into voice overs

to be honest, I had all the negative thoughts such as, Am I talented enough? Isn’t  it a saturated market? Every time I put the TV on,  Stephen  Fry is doing the voice over, or Joanna Lumbley – not much room for me, if all the celebs are getting the work

Now I come in from being a DJ/radio presenter, so I do know it is tough getting work, and once you have it, keeping it……..oh the joys of showbiz

I had just been “let go” as our American friends call it, from a radio station and I didn’t know what to do.

I thought I would try voice over work pretty easy right????????? –  wrong.

I assumed that with my contacts in radio, the ‘phone would always be ringing off the hook – wrong again………

I had to work at this (and still do), to get a demo together and punt it out but where do I record a demo?I found that many studios where happy to take my money, but were of no help to get on the ladder. Eventually I found  studio called A1 vox in London who gave me some tips and a couple of tricks to get me going.  It is run by  Charles Nove,  who is a wiz at tech stuff as well as the creative side of things.

I did my demo, now what.?………… I returned on the train to Dorset and had a list of radio stations to which<em> </em>I could send it.

That’s when the hard work begins.  I hope I haven’t put you off………….I just want to give you an over view of how I started in this business.


In my next update I will go through what you need to get going, like equipment that you need to record and monitor from which to achieve a good sound.


Don’t worry if you are not techy, I will try to explain simply……