Headphone heaven for your studio.

Headphone Heaven for your  studio

If you do voice overs you will need to have a way of hearing yourself during your session and also when you play back your  voice, to see if there are any mouth noises or check if there are room noises that my ruin your recording, this is where a good set off headphones or cans as they are known in the business.

Please don’t waste you money on cheap and or domestic headphones, you will want a true reflection of your voice and cheap phones just will not cut the audio mustard.

Here are a pair that will not break the bank and sound pretty good as well.dt100the  dt 100

You will see these on radio station studios, voice over booths and recording studios in general all over the world.

These are headphone heaven and not too expensive you can get  DT100s from a variety of suppliers like Absolute Music in Poole Dorset UK,I go there as it its just down the road and they are very helpful.

The cans  I have in my booth are the DT770s  and for me they are really good ,very comfortable handy if you have a long job like audio book or E Learning narration.

DT 770

If you dont fancy closed     try these  sennheiserPX100_01

They are from Sennhieser PK 100  quite toppy but it may suit your style and are very light……..also useful if your on the road yoou can pack the away  when needs be……….

At the end of the day you need to have a listen to as many as you can and find out which pair is right for you and your studio enviroment.

I hope the above has given you food for thought and is of help when you decide to  put your home studio together in the near future    so enjoy your slice of headphone heaven……..

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