Voice Over Buzz Word

If you  are setting up a studio for your voice over business, it can be fun , but daunting as you can imagine. So the VO buzz word  today is choosing a micrphone

So, what if you are not a techy person  where do you start?

Well, a good mic is the basis of your studio. On Amazon you can pick up a a Rode NT 1000  for just over £100  which  has a nice sound to it  and will not break the bank……….another microphone you may like to check out is the Sontronic SP 20 here’s a pic .SON_stc20pack_micpop

Some retailers can offer a deal that comprises of mic plus stand and a pop shield.

what you need next is an interface or a mic pre amp so you can plug your mic into it and then that connects to your PC/MAC.

I have been using a scarlet 2i2 which is small and perfectly formed ideal if  space is an issue or you intend to go on the road with it.

It has 2 focus rite pre amps that are crystal clear and great value for money, and you can use it with your laptop which can be really be helpful if you are away from your studio and a rush job comes in.

Ok now you ave mic an interface or mic preamp you need to be able to monitor what you are recording, you need headphones!!!!!   DT 100s from beyer are the industry standard and you see them all the time in radio and production studio’s around the world but my favorite cans are the DT 770s they are more comfortable for times when you have a long read to do like an audio book or an E Learning project the choice is yours but make sure your happy with whatever you use as they will be used ever day.

So m there you go some idea’s to mull over…….good fun but make sure you buy the best you can afford.




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