Audio Books

Audio Books

There areso many sides to voice over, not just commercial or tv  work,on of the most interesting  is audio  book narration.

You will need stamina lots of tepid water to drink and an interest in story telling an audio book session will be 5 hours of continious talking……told you, you need stamina didn’t I.

It is  thought you should read for a max of around 50 mins, and goes on non stop.

And this process could be 1 or 2days a large project  would last for a few weeks.

Audio Books

You could moths later be called back to do pick ups or even replacing whole pages or 2 thats when you need to be able to  match your delivery and vocal quality from original session.

You may end up being both the narrator AND the producer

It might be worth looking out for a coach that has experience of this type of vo work taking an acting class or two would be very useful..

You can get more information on  the audio book industry at

It is a pretty tiring doing audio books but if you enjoy acting and storytelling this maybe the area  of voice over work that could be for you.

One of the top audio book narrators is Hillary Huber at have alook at here site  she has done loads………not as lucrative as other area’s of the VO industry  but lots of fun.

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