Voice of God live announcer

Voice of God Live announcer


If you have an event coming up  that needs a voice of god live announcer I would be happy to help, I have had years of live broadcast and event experience and will stay calm when you need it.

If you have never used a VOG  a (Voice of God) live announcer Corporate Events in UK someone that can handle all types and  situations, and sound like they understand the meaning behind the  event.

You could have a situation that may call for the announcement to be recorded in advance and that means working together to get the right feel for the planned  event.

The audio would be sent to you in your desired format and in plenty of time to have changes recorded if things change at the last minute.

If you require music production call me as I can put you in touch with some very talented people who can add a real zing to the event and make it stand out.

You may like to have me be live at your event, your voice of God announcer can react to any situation like  backstage hiccups that can happen at large events,here are some samples to see if  I am the right voice of God mc for your next event and let’s talk…….

I would be happy to do a few lines to give you an idea to see if I am suitable.

I can be formal or casual, what ever suits the mood  and easy to work with I  promise, So if you need a Voice Of God live announcer at your next event or awards ceremony please get in touch on 07973 690257 or info@getrealproduction.co.uk

So please get in touch for your next event and get a great voice of God announcer.

Here is a sample of what we can do………..

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